Germany Utilizing Indian Hockey League World to Advance to the World Cup

The match was followed by the German hockey team on December 10 until January 18 of this year rated as a way to demonstrate the power of the world cup matches in 2014. Teams Germany see that this game is very strong potential that they expect all the players can show all their abilities.
Germany coach Weise said that they saw a team of India played very well. Even India’s captain Sardar Singh became the mainstay of a team player who moves well. Weise said that players like Sardar Singh contributed greatly to all team members. In this way they could win the game.
Weise himself saw that all the German players actually have a chance to play very well. But they have some weak points that must continue to be trained. To get a stunning appearance, all players must be low self-esteem and feel to be the most severe. Weis also said that in a world cup match teams like Argentina will continue to maintain the victory.
Germany is against players from New Zealand also had to keep optimistic to win the game. Mentally strong is encouragement for players to help players become better position.
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